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Choosing Slings For Your Residents

Recommandations for your patient lift slings

Because we all have different body types and needs having the right sling for your residents requires more than just measuring for size and picking a style.

We recommend a variety of slings for each lift due to different daily activities and needs of the residents.


Floor Lifts & Celing Lifts

Divided Leg Slings

  • 1-2 Slings per person


Sit To Stand Lifts


  • 1 belt per person

These are just a recommendation and may need to be adjusted due to a facilities needs.



The size and fit of a sling will vary depending on the resident.

Ensure the resident is properly fitted before any lift.

  • Resident will feel safe
  • Caregiver will have increased lifting efficiency
  • Maximum safety for both the resident and caregiver


Inspect each sling before each use for wear and tear.

Slings should be washed according to recommendations listed to avoid cross contamination and increased life of sling.

  • Washing Temperatures Should Not Exceed 176° F (80° C)
  • Do Not Use Bleach
  • Air Drying Is Recommended
  • Do Not Iron