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Innovative products for your patient transfer needs.

Providing the correct safe patient handling product is of paramount importance in any patient care program.  Pinnacle has a full range of products for your patient care requirements that are compatible with your correct safe patient handling program.  Our products are designed for both the patient and caregiver.  Pinnacle offers a wide array of innovative slings, belts, and slide sheets to meet your transferring needs.

Choose The Pinnacle Reusable And Disposable (Single Patient Use) Slings!!

What We Do

Pinnacle Transfer has been in the safe patient handling industry for over 20 years.  We are proud to be an innovating force in the development of safe patient handling products.

Our products and solutions offer safety, mobility, accessibility and independence for patients, residents and caregivers. Our safe patient handling products focus on hospitals, nursing homes and other caregiving facilities.

We offer slings, slide sheets, and sit to stand belts that help reduce caregiver challenges and improve safety for patients and caregivers alike. These products allow caregivers the ability to boost and reposition patients in bed and transfer them from bed to chair or toilet quickly and efficiently.

Pinnacle Transfer is your partner in every healthcare and residential setting, and we’re proud to support a seamless continuum of care.